Task Forces

Access Task Force

Based on a Drexel University School of Public Health study performed for the Collaborative, access to services continues to be a challenge. Whether it is the transportation to get to services or simply awareness of available services, residents are not taking full advantage of available assistance. This task force has developed a Volunteer Driver Program, and it is currently enlisting volunteer drivers in order to launch the program. In addition, the group is creating a concise list of services available for veterans to share with organizations offering information and referral services.

Access Task Force Chair: Anthony Johnson, Deputy Director, The Partnership Transportation Management Association of Montgomery County


Collaborative Advocacy Network (CAN)

The Collaborative has a history of advocating for the nonprofit sector and the people we serve. Our advocacy efforts have taken a leap forward with plans for a very active year. Guiding principles have been adopted recently. CAN is soliciting stories of the individuals and families served by our members revealing how public benefits and/or nonprofit services have helped them reclaim their lives. CAN is working closely with the Women’s Advocacy Coalition of Bucks County, a leader in advocacy for families, and with whom we have much in common.

Collaborative Advocacy Network Co-Chairs:
Donna Byrne, Outreach Coordinator, Women’s Advocacy Center of Montgomery County
Joanne Kline, Executive Director, VNA Foundation of Greater North Penn


Summit Planning Task Force

Each year a committed group assembles to plan a community summit focused on a different topic. Examples of prior summits include: emergency preparedness, community building, youth substance abuse, elder caregiving, cultural competency, childhood obesity, meeting Baby Boomers’ expectations as the generation reaches retirement, collaboration as a practice for effective organizations. Planning is underway for a November 2015 summit on trauma, including the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, the Sanctuary Model for trauma-informed services, and evidence-based practices that aid healing.

Summit Planning Task Force Chair: Ella Roush, Coordinator, Bucks-Mont Collaborative