Why Join?

The Collaborative is the ONLY organization in the region bringing community stakeholders to the table on a monthly basis to better meet health and human service needs!

As a member, you and your entire staff have access to:

  • Relationship Building – Meet leaders in our region’s health and human service community, establish lasting relationships, and build the trust that is a prerequisite for collaborative problem-solving and successful partnerships.
  • Research Results, Promising Practices, Helpful Information – Be among the first to learn the results of research and initiatives relevant to our region and – through meetings, our website, regular e-newsletters, and more  –  be in-the-know about what’s happening here.
  • Advocacy – Join your colleagues to speak with one voice on the major issues, such as the state budget, affecting nonprofits and the people we serve. Meet with elected officials and candidates to understand their action plans and platforms and to give them a fuller picture of health and human service needs. Use our tools to jump-start your advocacy efforts.
  • Solving Community Problems Together – Focused Task Forces comprised of interested Collaborative members identify gaps in services and carry out meaningful, manageable projects to bridge the gaps.
  • Capacity-Building Educational Opportunities – We offer training opportunities that mesh with our priority projects and programs as well as honing leadership skills. For example, we have provided expert-led trainings on effective advocacy and how to handle media interviews.
  • Informing Others of Your Work – You have the opportunity to inform other leaders in the nonprofit community and beyond of your programs and events through announcements at our meetings and regular email newsletters that announce members’ news and link to postings on our website.

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