Membership meetings, some area-wide and some hosted more locally, provide opportunities for information exchange and inter-agency relationship building. Results of relevant studies and recommendations are presented, and problem-solving work groups emerge. Leaders of nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions, the faith community and government attend our meetings.

Leaders of highly respected community agencies serve on the Board of Directors of The Collaborative

  • To foster information sharing, dialogue, and collaborative action around health and wellness issues in Bucks and Montgomery Counties
  • To strengthen nonprofit organizations through membership and other meetings that provide:
    • Timely information and updates
    • Lively networking with agency, business, education, faith, and government leaders
    • Leadership training and development

We serve Bucks County and Montgomery County, except for the Norristown and Pottstown areas. We maintain collegial relationships with our counterparts in those areas.

We act as a conduit of information, highlighting local issues with county officials and sharing countywide initiatives with our members.

The Bucks-Mont Collaborative is rooted in a regional consortium established in 1987. The ultimate goal was (and remains) to better serve the region’s at-risk residents by fostering joint problem solving, relationship building and sharing of information about research-based solutions. In 2014, Greater North Penn Region joined with three additional regions - Eastern, Southeastern, and Upper Perkiomen - to form "The Collaborative" to strengthen nonprofits and improve communities across a much larger swath of Montco. Since we include many members who are headquartered in or serve Bucks County, in 2015 we opted to become the Bucks-Mont Collaborative. We look forward to building even stronger relationships with our colleagues in Bucks.

Solutions-oriented groups have formed regularly through the Collaborative since its inception. Today, more formalized "task forces" identify and carry out meaningful, manageable projects to serve our community.