Wednesday, 04 December 2019 00:00

The Montgomery County Foundation - SAVE THE DATE - 2019 Women & Leadership Forum






2019 Women and Leadership Forum: 


Taking Charge of Change


Did you know that Orange is the color of change?!


We live in a fast-changing environment. The workplace is changing. For the first time, five

generations are employed together, working side by side. Technology is changing how we work, and even sometimes, where we work. And personal changes- transitions in life- can provide roadblocks as well as opportunities for professional success and happiness.


The 2019 Women and Leadership Forum will focus on how women leaders can navigate these changes in their personal and professional lives. Attendees will leave with strategies and tools to take charge of the evolving landscape- to adapt, lead and succeed.


Orange Is Coming: Will You Be There?



Details to Follow. Stay tuned! 


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