Our Accomplishments

Membership meetings, some area-wide and some hosted more locally, provide opportunities for information exchange and inter-agency relationship building. Results of relevant studies and recommendations are presented, and problem-solving work groups emerge. Leaders of nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions, the faith community and government attend our meetings.

The accomplishments below reflect just a year of the new organization. Past accomplishments for the local regions may be viewed on the regional pages.

Bucks-Mont Collaboratve Accomplishments

    • 2015 – 28% Net membership growth
    • 2015 -  Community Summit on Trauma featuring Dr. Sandra Bloom; 275 attendance
    • 2015 – Leadership Training Sessions: Time Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, and Cultural competency
    • 2015 – Legislative Forum
    • 2015 – Five area-wide informational meetings
    • 2014 – Community Summit - Cohesive Planning for Emergencies in Montgomery County